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It is hard to believe that concrete can transform into so many different finishes. What used to be a boring grey slab covering your entire property can look like luxury materials at a fraction of the price. We get a wood finish by stamping the concrete and using stains to achieve the desired result. We use various methods to achieve a wood-like finish. This includes scoring and staining, board forming, or vertical stamping and carving. Wood concrete can be used in many different ways throughout the home, not just on your patio or pool deck. This finish has been used to make bridges over your pond, applied to your kitchen countertops, exterior siding, and many more applications. The most attractive thing about concrete wood is that you can get very particular with its finish and color. You will no longer be at the mercy of what the big box stores carry.



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    Benefits of Epoxy for Commercial Use

    The Toughest Flooring Around

    Concrete floors without epoxy treatments tend to wear down faster and are often in need of repair. This is one of the main reasons commercial business owners seek out epoxy coatings to help manage their facilities and keep them working at high efficiency. The last thing a business like yours needs is more disruption to the workflow process. A damaged floor, or one that is always in need of maintenance or repairs, disrupts that flow. You’re a look at some of the top benefits of commercial epoxy coatings.
    • Leaves a high-gloss surface brightening interior spaces
    • Withstands heavy foot and heavy equipment traffic
    • Easy to clean and maintain with minimal tools and supplies
    • Offers a functional seamless surface
    • Hides blemishes and cracks when floors are less than perfect
    • Can act as a communication tool for staff and visitors
    • Safer for staff underfoot with preventing slip and fall incidents

    Choosing Epoxy Flooring Ideal For Your Business

    How to Determine

    San Francisco business wood concrete san francisco
    Depending on the type of business you have, we can help determine which type of epoxy coating is the best fit. For example, a restaurant may have priorities such as heat resistance, sanitation, and slip-resistant floor coatings. By contrast, a small boutique may need simple flooring that can withstand daily foot traffic.
    Every epoxy coating system is built according to the type of business and industry you are in. When you work with a professional commercial epoxy designer, we will help you make these determinations so you have a long-lasting beautiful floor for years to come.

    Urethane Epoxy Coatings

    Your San Fransisco Commercial Business

    You’ll have a few different options when it comes to picking out your concrete coating. We are going to give you an example of what that can look like for your business. Naturally, you will want to work with one of our professionals to determine which coating is best for you. Here are a few details.
    In environments with shifting temperatures, we often suggest using a urethane cement overlay. This type of flooring system remains one of the most durable and long-lasting cement coatings on the market. It is resistant to buckling under various pressures and will not blister or delaminate with hot and cold temperature swings. A good example of a business for this flooring is food manufacturing plants. They tend to deal with temperature shifts and need high regulation. Some businesses will find standard epoxy coatings as their best option and don’t need many additions. These coatings act as durable solutions to those who see less equipment and more foot traffic.
    Urethane Epoxy Coatings

    We Tackle Commercial Priorities

    Function + Regulation

    commercial wood concrete
    Unlike residential epoxy projects, commercial businesses are under pressure to stay within regulation and have a high-functioning floor to do business on. We tackle the priorities these businesses have to ensure that they adhere to the standards set by their industry. For example, pharmaceutical brands or medical facilities tend to need seamless flooring solutions. Not only is this a sanitation issue, but these floors mitigate moisture, germs, molds, insects, and other complicating factors for protocols.
    Standard concrete floors often expand and contract, making this a nightmare for commercial properties working to maintain healthy safety records. Over the years, we have worked in various industries and are familiar with some of the complications and functions needed from your flooring systems. We are here to tackle those problems head-on so you can get back to business.

    Budget-Safe Flooring for Commercial Property

    Durability and Value

    Epoxy flooring companies new to the commercial space tend to think that commercial budgets are free for all. We understand that you’re working with finite budgets, and our company needs to be accountable and offer high value. We look to maximize your budget, while still hitting all of your priorities.
    We aim to exceed your expectations by giving you a floor that not only looks great and functions well but also maintains or comes in under budget. Due to the nature of epoxy, it is a great budget-friendly material due to its installation costs and data-driven longevity. You will see the value in the initial investment, as well as in the years to come with fewer maintenance costs and repairs.