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If your concrete or asphalt driveway isn’t ready to be redone, an overlay product might be the perfect option for you. Driveway overlays are a popular choice for San Fransisco homeowners and businesses who want to improve the aesthetic of their driveway or parking lots. We can do this without the cost of completely starting over. Overlays are also known to protect your driveway and help prolong its life. An overlay also gives you some unique aesthetic options to update or change how your existing concrete looks. While the same options are not available in asphalt products, resurfaced asphalt finish will always tidy up an unkept-looking driveway.

Depending on the surface that the new overlay will go over, we will choose the right product conducive to where the driveway is starting. This may include a cement product or a polymer, but either way, we will ensure you get the right materials for your specific goals. Some of our polymer products are ideal for those who want UV protection and high performance.

On this page, you will learn more about the different options in driveway overlays and their benefits. We will also share more about the process and what it is like working with our San Fransisco driveway overlay team. We welcome any of your questions, so don’t hesitate to call or connect with us to discuss your project.



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    Bay Area Concrete Driveways Overlays

    Types of Driveway Overlays

    Improve Performace and Enhance Your Property

    Save Money and Add Value to Your Property with an Overlay

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    Concrete Driveway Overlay

    A concrete overlay is a beautiful way to improve the look of a worn-out driveway. By using high-grade concrete products or polymers, we can give your driveway a new life. An overlay can be poured to various thicknesses. The surface can be groomed, stamped, or left smooth, depending on the aesthetic you are after. We have a unique concrete blend that’s made specifically for Bay Area residents and businesses. We likely don’t have to explain the weather and its impacts on concrete in our state. It takes special know-how in creating the right products for our customers. When your driveway is prepared correctly, a concrete overlay will last for several years. This will halt the fear of delaminating, flaking, or cracking. Once the condition of your driveway is assessed, we will explain the best product and process. We can repair any existing buckling, cracking, or deterioration with an overlay. Depending on your location, we will tell you if you need to do anything more such as a sealant to keep it looking brilliant year after year.

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    Asphalt Overlay

    Asphalt is a great product for driveways, but it does deteriorate with the outdoor elements. You can keep your driveway protected by choosing an overlay to improve the performance and lifespan of your asphalt. An asphalt overlay can be poured right over your existing driveway. When you choose this option, you will be able to cover or correct any blemishes or disrepair. We start with assessing your asphalt to see if it is a good candidate for an asphalt overlay. From there, we will mill the top layer to create a surface that the other asphalt can adhere to. This is also an important step if you have damage to your asphalt. We will do any base repairs to areas or spots that may have seen more damage, such as potholes or severe cracking or buckling. Finally, we will pave the surface and give you a beautiful new asphalt overlay.

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    Save Money and Add Property Value

    Driveways and parking lots, overlooked when selling a property, are an important investment to protect. Whether you ever sell your property or want to hold on to it for several years, the idea is to protect your overall investment. A home or business with a driveway overlay can improve the value of the property. Any real estate professional can explain that to you as well. A driveway overlay is cheaper than a completely new pour. So, if you are on a budget, this is a great option. If you do plan to sell your home or property in the future, keeping up on driveway overlays will be a crucial selling point. We invite you to ask us more questions about your specific project, so we can help you understand the value of a driveway overlay for your property.

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    Benefits of Driveway Overlays

    Protect + Prolong + Enhance

    The best way to improve the aesthetics and longevity of your driveway or parking area.