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Bay Area weather is tough on our cement surfaces. You may have noticed that your patio has seen better days, given our cold or wet winter weather. While cement can take a good bit of abuse, the material is still porous and can deteriorate. If the product isn’t installed correctly, it will quickly show signs of wear and tear. Some signs of wear or aging include cracks, buckling, crumbling, or delaminating. If you have noticed these things about your patio, it might be time to have us do a patio cement overlay.

An overlay is an incredible option for homeowners on a tight budget and whose patio isn’t necessarily ready for a complete redo. A concrete overlay can protect your patio for several years, giving you more time to plan for a complete redo. The best part of a cement patio overlay is how they look. We can update the patio to look like a new addition. Perhaps it is time to add a little color or a few design features. We can walk you through some of those options during your initial call. Below you will learn more about patio overlays and their benefits. If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to call or connect with us to have those answered.



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    Cement Patio Overlay Process

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    Overlays are a tricky project and can only be poured once.

    Repair + Clean San Francisco
    Repair + Clean

    The first step in applying a concrete patio overlay is filling cracks and addressing any points of deterioration. You cannot put a concrete overlay over an unprepared surface as it will not last long before it shows signs of wear. We take our time and address any issues that might keep the surface from a full adhesion. Once those minor issues have been addressed, we will then clean the surface. This will allow the concrete to adhere to your existing patio service. Cleaning methods usually involve sweeping up and removing debris. We will also power-wash the surface for fine dust and particles.

    Prep + Mix San Francisco
    Prep + Mix

    The next steps include prepping the surface by grinding the top to give your overlay something to adhere to. This will create a grip-like effect, so your new concrete overlay will almost melt into the existing one. Many contractors will skip this step which is why a concrete overlay will fall apart rapidly. Our team is adamant about following our step-by-step approach. From there, we will mix your specific concrete recipe, which may include particular additives, textures, or colors. This is a fun step because you get to see the color and consistency of your concrete. We help our customers determine the best color palette to complement their home or business. Color can be a big step, so we aim to ensure it turns out just right.

    Apply + Seal
    Apply + Seal

    Our final steps include applying and sealing the concrete overlay. We take a detailed approach to the application process. Our installation teams are not just concrete installers; they are artists and know what they are doing. During the application process, our team can also add various finishes to create a custom look. This can include stamping, brooming, or other design features to give your patio a truly unique aesthetic. Once the artistic application has been applied, we will then seal the surface according to your specific project. This is a crucial step because it will prolong the life of your concrete patio overlay for years to come.

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    Top Benefits of Concrete Overlays

    Build a Better Patio

    Increase the strength and longevity of your patio


    Concrete overlays are a budget-friendly way to achieve the Aesthetics you want at a fraction of the cost of redoing your patio. An overlay can completely transform your home’s aesthetic, adding value beyond dollar signs. If you are on a tight budget and have a patio in decent condition, a patio overlay will offer you the most for your money. Over the years, you will get plenty of enjoyment from your patio with friends and family. A concrete patio overlay will increase the value of your home. You can ask any real estate professional around, and they will tell you the same. Buyers love a well-appointed patio that not only looks great but has been professionally installed.


    You will be thrilled at the protection a patio overlay can provide. Whether you have a covered or uncovered patio, it needs protection from a variety of elements. We’ve already talked about the rollercoaster San Fransisco winters and how they take their toll on concrete. But did you know that sun exposure will also break down your patio? We can add additives to help your concrete combat the signs of UV exposure. For those who use chemical treatments in their pools or fertilizers in their flower beds, a new concrete patio overlay will protect against these damaging chemicals as well.

    Low Maintenance

    We all love the look of tile, pavers, flagstone, limestone, and other luxury or high-end products. What many of us do not like is that they are expensive to maintain and repair. One of the best advantages of a concrete overlay is how easy it is to maintain. For example, wood decking will need constant treatment and staining to keep it looking great. You will not have these types of maintenance issues when you choose a concrete product. We will give you specific instructions for your particular patio. Most often, this involves keeping the surface free of debris. Homeowners and business owners earn back hours of time and money by investing in a concrete product that can be made to look like other high-end luxury finishes.

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