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Have you ever walked into a fancy restaurant or boutique only to look down and feel like you’re walking on water, sand, or some expensive piece of art? You may not have known it then; chances are you were walking on an epoxy product. If it had a little sheen or sparkle to it, it was likely a metallic epoxy finish.
An epoxy floor with metallic features is the same as other epoxy finishes, but we use other products to add a layer of artistic creativity. This often can be sheen or shine that glistens across the floor. We combined color pigments and metallics and mix that with the resin. Then, we pour that as an epoxy coating. Once we pour the product, an installer will usually agitate the mix to create patterns and designs. Once the epoxy cures, that metallic artistic finish is locked into place to enjoy for years to come.



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    Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

    A Snapshot of Benefits

    The benefits of a metallic epoxy floor are similar to that of other epoxy resin coatings. It creates a durable finish that has an unmatched life expectancy compared to other materials. Metallic epoxy is used in various ways, including floors, tabletops, countertops, and more. They offer a truly unique finish, usually unachievable with a store-bought product like stone, granite, slate, and other high-end finishes. What’s even better, epoxy has a long shelf life. If it is cared for appropriately, you can count on this material to provide you with years, if not decades, of enjoyment. Epoxy resin also stands up to repeated foot traffic and weighty items. Don’t be afraid to hand it plenty of pressure, and you will not have to worry about it during periods of heavy rain or humidity.

    • Lifetime material that will hold up for decades
    • Use in indoor and outdoor applications to protect and beautify
    • Limitless customizations and designs
    • A nonporous material that is water wicking and holds up to moisture
    • A great option around kids and pets and accessorizing with rugs
    • A safe and sustainable choice


    The Life of an Epoxy Metallic Surface


    Epoxy resin is a nonporous material that cleans up well, and is designed to withstand the ups and downs of daily life. If you and your family tend to be hard on your home, this flooring option might be a good choice for you. The upside of using an epoxy resin with a metallic substrate is you can still have aesthetics and durability in one product.

    This material will hold up on kitchen countertops just as well as it will on your flooring throughout your home. The compounds in epoxy are designed to handle spills, drops, heavy objects, and equipment.

    These factors are wrapped up in an easy-to-maintain package that doesn’t require special tools and cleaners to care for. All you’ll need is a soft bristle brush, hot water, and ammonia to keep your floors in tip-top shape.

    Value Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

    Affordable in a Mindful Package

    One of the benefits of epoxy is how affordable it is to source and install. When you start comparing metallic epoxy with other flooring options, you’ll find it hard to beat the price. It is easy to find when you’re working with professionals and is relatively simple to have installed. As you might know, installing things like hardwood floors, tile, stone, and similar products, can take weeks. Most often, epoxy projects can take a couple of days at most.

    A hidden value found in epoxy coatings is that they don’t require exploiting natural resources. This is an eco-friendly product that is easy to produce, keeping the material cost to a minimum. It is also a non-toxic material. Once it cures, it is safe around kids, pets, food, and other sensitive consumables.