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Pool deck resurfacing

Once Bay Area residents learn about epoxy pool decks, they typically do everything they can to get one installed. In the past, epoxy pool decks have not aged very well or have yellowed in the elements. Today, professional-grade epoxy coatings can eliminate those factors and give homeowners a beautiful pool deck that lasts for years. On this page, you learn more about the benefits of epoxy coatings for pool decks and how San Francisco residents should consider installing one to prolong and protect their pool investments. Here is a snapshot of epoxy benefits:

  • Seamless durable finish with an excellent lifespan
  • Holds up to outdoor elements, including rain, severe weather, and UV rays
  • Textured finishes provide anti-slip surfaces for wet feet
  • Endless customizations for beautiful decks that match your home’s aesthetic
  • Easy maintenance with simple tools and cleaning solutions
  • Unmatched value when compared to other materials
  • Eco-friendly Requiring no natural resources



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    Benefits of Epoxy Pool Deck Floors

    Protection + Safety

    Since epoxy is one of the hardest materials you can put on a floor, The logical result is a floor that protects and lasts. Homeowners and business owners agree epoxy flooring outlasts and protects subfloors and concrete surfaces better than other materials. It can handle heavy items, repeated foot traffic, drops, and spills, unlike any other option on the market.

    One of the biggest concerns for homeowners when it comes to their pool decks is how safe they are for their entire family. When looking at epoxy flooring, it’s easy to assume that the floors look like they would be hazardous when wet. This is true with some epoxy flooring. However, with pool deck epoxy, you will get a safe flooring system designed with a texture that will grip bare feet.