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Epoxy Floor San Francisco
Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable and customizable flooring solutions on the market. It’s no wonder that homeowners and business owners are choosing epoxy coatings for their floors and other surfaces. We have been working in this field for years and have seen this industry explode with creativity and performance.
If you’re seeking a cost-friendly flooring system and one that will hold on to its beauty for years, this is your solution. Please take a look at some of the details below and let us k ow if you have any questions. We would be happy to get you a fast and transparent quote.



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    Top Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    Why This is Such a Great Flooring Option

    There are many flooring options on the market, and choosing can be a tough decision. If you’re considering epoxy, you’ll want to know some of the main benefits especially if you’ve never used the material before.
    This material is made from a combination of compounds that work together to give you a tough flooring system that can be highly customized. You won’t find many other options that will withstand what epoxy will, and this is attributed to the resins used to construct the product. The aesthetic options are truly endless, which many people believe is one of epoxy’s most valuable characteristics. Here are some other bonuses:
    • Compound resins create a tough nonporous surface
    • Epoxy is liquid wicking; it won’t stain like other flooring
    • Luxury finishes with endless customizations
    • Long lifespan that can withstand daily wear and tear
    • Easy to take care of with simple tools and cleaners
    • More affordable than other flooring options
    • Eco-friendly and safe around kids and pets
    • Epoxy can be made more slip-resistant and fire-resistant

    Epoxy Coatings for Utilitarian Spaces

    Material Performance in Demanding Spaces

    utilitarian san Francisco
    Epoxy hit the market originally to protect floors in demanding environments. Some examples are airports, medical facilities, corporate warehouses, and even household garages. You can still find epoxy in all of those spaces, but today, the product has gotten better and more customizable. Since epoxy materials are designed to withstand such harsh situations, they are ideal in utilitarian spaces both at home and work in San Fransisco.
    You’ll see it shine in residential applications such as the garage or basement flooring. But people are finding it superior in other areas like mudrooms, laundry areas, or mechanical closets. Epoxy can withstand the drops, spills, heavy equipment, leaks, and debris that may occur in these areas.

    Epoxy Coatings for Residential

    Where Epoxy Shines at Home

    Not so long ago, San Fransisco homeowners would have never looked to epoxy as a flooring option. Rightly so. It was rather stark and boring and didn’t look very “high-end.” Today, epoxy is a desirable option because it can be transformed to look like other luxury finishes. Did you know that you can get the look of marble, stone, slate, and many top-trending floors you see everywhere these days? You can, and the best part, it doesn’t come with the same price tag.
    We are installing epoxy floors in every area of the home. People who want minimalistic looks like polished concrete love epoxy as options. Other homeowners who look for artistic vibes often choose patterning and metallics to express their style. Not only do aesthetics draw homeowners in, but the ease of care and cleaning is a big selling point. All you need is hot water and ammonia-based cleaners and a few soft tools for clean up. There are no expensive treatments or specialty care instructions for this flooring.