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We are here to help our industrial business partners maximize budget and function through high-efficiency epoxy flooring. As you might already know, epoxy coatings are some of the most durable and low maintenance on the market. They are designed specifically for your type of business production and management to ensure your floors work as hard as you do.
One of the best aspects of epoxy flooring is the price tag. Your upfront costs will long surpass your initial investment. When you work with our team, we will learn about your specific priorities and function needs, and design an epoxy floor coating to meet those priorities. We have helped clients in nearly every industry and are familiar with guidelines and regulations. This allows us to guide you through the process of epoxy coatings with industry knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business.



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    Benefits of Epoxy for Industrial Property

    Meeting The Needs of Business

    Industrial companies in San Francisco have specific priorities when it comes to their flooring system. So often, the floors need to function and accommodate heavy equipment and machinery. The flooring also has to meet several guidelines and regulations for specific industries. There are many benefits when working with an epoxy floor system, as opposed to other materials on the market. Here are a few items to consider when it comes to installing epoxy floors in industrial spaces:
    • Leaves a solid surface customized for priorities and branding
    • Handles heavy equipment often found in these facilities
    • Simple maintenance and care for busy workplaces
    • Functions well with moving machinery and people
    • Protects against blemishes, cracks, and delamination
    • Aids in preventing slip and fall incidents and protects staff

    What Type of Epoxy Floor Do You Need?

    We Can Help

    Industrial San Francisco

    Some industries have specific mandates and regulations that must be met when it comes to flooring. Chances are you’re familiar with these mandates, and we can help fulfill that tall order. Others may be unsure about what type of flooring they can use and may have more leniency. We will walk you through the types of flooring available for the industry you occupy.

    Since we have several years of navigating our industry, we feel confident about guiding our industrial clients toward flooring systems that make sense and stay on budget. Whether you need a standard epoxy resin floor, a polyurethane, a urethane overlay, or something else, we would be happy to explain the differences and assist in choosing the right one.

    Epoxy Coating in Action

    Your San Fransisco Industrial Business Partner

    Large-scale industrial complexes often need a seamless floor to ensure cleanliness, sanitation, and easy maintenance, among other factors. Many industries benefit from this flooring system. Just compare other options on the market, such as polished concrete, vinyl, or high-cost stonework, and the value is evident.

    For example, massive medical facilities will often shuttle equipment from room to room or move patients from floor to floor. A seamless floor structure is essential for both applications. Another example is correctional facilities or medical institutions. These types of facilities have their eye on minimalistic flooring that is easy and fast to clean and maintain. Government entities, city municipalities, and similar properties all need high-functioning flooring, t